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Returning to My Dreams in Normandie’s Farm

26 Jun

Farms in Normandie are a paradise to live in if you love cows and milk. I return to it every time I dream of when I was at a milk farm in 2015. To begin, in the main house there is a perfect fireplace in a lovely living room. The house has high ceilings, but you feel warm inside; the same way you feel when you’re at home. All of the bedrooms are gorgeous and comfortable. You can rest in there as if you were in heaven. In the back yard, there is an amazing garden with colored flowers. It looks so stunning with small decorations of cattle and sheep. There is also a cattle stable, which is a wonderful place to protect the cows during the cold winter. It is huge and looks like an old romantic stable where lovers can escape to. In addition, farmer’s cows are enormous animals with very glossy fur and a sweet expression in their face. They definitely look happy and healthy. I fell in love with them at first sight. Finally, landscapes are magnificent in Normandie; there are large sowings of corn to feed the cattle and I was enraptured by the shining waters. It looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert. This experience is a remarkable memory that I will never forget.